What are Envelopments?
Envelopments is a paper layering system that allows you to mix and match, colors, designs, embellishments, shapes and more! Create custom invitations, announcements, business communiqués, craft cards, thank you cards, or anything you can think of. Envelopments are designed to reflect your style and create a one of a kind invitation.

Can I do the design myself?
If you already have a design picked from one of our samples, or you are feeling creative and want to browse our paper selection book and to design one yourself, you can. Otherwise we can set up a design appointment with one of our designers.

What is a design appointment?
Our design appointments allow 1 on 1 time with a designer who will work with you to create an invitation that is unique, using your colors and style. It's best that when you arrive for an appointment, you have colors in mind that may go along with your event, and have browsed the design ideas on the website http://www.envisionyourevent.com . Our designers understand the importance of the occasion and take your budget into consideration.

Do most people make a design appointment?
The majority of our customers take advantage of our design service with a designer.

How do I make a design appointment?
Email us at info@envisionyourevent.com , and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Do you charge for your design services?
We encourage you to call and speak with any of our staff to familiarize yourself with our products, and services. Once you have decided that Envelopments are for you, we offer a free one hour design consultation. The design services fee for creating your invitation will be $65.00.

Is there anything I should bring to my design appointment?
Since there are so many choices as to what you can do, we suggest you visit www.envisionyourevent.com and www.envelopments.com to see design ideas and begin envisioning your invite. Feel free to bring in any pictures, fabric swatches, color chips etc., to help us achieve your unique look and colors.

What kind of experience do your designers have?
Each of our fully trained staff of artists has an amazing eye for color, design and style, and they love what they do!

Are your invitations more expensive than standard invitations? Because this is fully customizable, we can accommodate most budgets. You have the option to do some or all of the work yourself and save money or have us do it, and save time.

Can you help me with wording on the invitation?
Yes! We will work with you to find wording that will be perfect for your invitations! We will also assist you in choosing fonts, style and colors.

Do you just do wedding invitations?
No! Because our invitations are completely customized, they can fit any occasion. You are limited only by your imagination. We do wedding invites, save the dates, place cards, thank yous, as well as birthdays, corporate events, baby showers and much more!

Once I place my order, how long before it comes in?
A standard order can take as long as 4-6 weeks. We can accommodate rush orders if necessary.

How much will this cost?
Feel free to contact us for an estimate. Because this is a custom order, we cannot give you an exact price until we know your needs. We will do our best to answer any questions you might have.

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